MUT starts in 2007 from the idea of Alessandro Dagioni (Studio Modellistico CMS). The aim is to create uniques leather jackets, to customize materials and luxury accessories enchancing and leveraging the best Italian Artisan Manufacture. With a strong will to re-qualify the real Made in Italy, the project is entirely restricted within a very specific territory: the creation and all process operations are entirely made and executed within the geographical area corresponding to the ancient Etruscan territory.

Mut project is a collection of multiple excellences at each stage of production. The project has achieved to gater together several small and medium size realities under a single organization that combines the best of Italian Artisan Quality with modernity. The heart of the project is the prototyping and modeling departmant, coordinated by the "Maestra Modellista" Mrs. Maria Stella Ceccarelli. The main principle is to develop and innovate the wearibility, lending strength, to enhance and defend the body.

Mut Fashion

Extraneous to stereotypes about the body and representation of the sexes, ethereal and rough, sophisticated and metropolitan. A visionary contemporary idea, a new way of approach and being. MUT is addressed indifferently to men and women with a scratchery but cerebral line never too precious but without outrage for some frivolity and confers safety with a timeless decadentistic pinch with hard armor to defend against asphalt.

"Perfect imperfection" is the definition of the style born from the conflict of the designer: redundancy balanced by the essential, elegance hidden from the raw peel, sensuality and severity, black and light accumulated by gentle and discreet manners. Rigour and abandonment emerge in equal measure from the style, not by chance realized totally in Italy.